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Q & A

How much does it cost?

-We offer complementary consultations to be able to quote you the exact cost and help you to understand what to expect.

How long do they last?

We recommend 4-6 weeks between move-up’s.

*There is a mandatory charge of $150 added to the cost of the move-up if you go longer than 7 weeks between visits.

How long to they take to put in?

-Plan for 2-3 hours for your initial installation. If you are coloring the same day, then plan for 5-6 hours total.

Move-up’s take about half the time because the hair is measured and the placement has already been established.

Can you wear your hair up with them in?

-Yes! We strategically place the wefts of hair to be able to wear half-up or all the way up in your favorite messy bun or ponytail!

Are they comfortable on your head?

-Yes! Most of our guest say they don’t notice them and forget they are there!


Basic Care for Hand Tied 

Hair Extensions

The Lifespan of Hair Extensions
The lifespan of your new Fort Collins hair extensions can range anywhere between 3-6 months to a year or longer, depending on the general care they receive. Remember, the more you wash and heat style your extensions, the shorter their lifespan will be, so try to keep washing your extensions to a minimum. The important thing to remember is that your hair extensions don’t have a natural hydration source like your own hair does so keeping them moisturized and reducing dryness is crucial to prolonging their lifespan.

How To Properly Brush Extensions
Make sure that you are always gentle with your hair extensions from our Fort Collins salon and that you brush them properly as this can also affect their lifespan.  First, gather all the hair together then, carefully brush out the  extensions from the bottom of the hair slowly working upwards  towards the root.

Washing your Extensions
When washing your hand tied extensions, it's important to hydrate them as much as possible. Since hair extensions do not receive the natural nutrients and oils like our own hair does, it's important to ensure that your set is always  nourished and moisturized by using alcohol and sulfate free  shampoos and conditioners. Sulfate and alcohol strip the hair of  its natural oils which, in turn, makes the hair drier and more  prone to tangling or matting.

We highly recommend applying a sulfate and alcohol-free conditioner before and after shampooing. Sometimes, even skip the shampoo and only rinse your hair extensions from our Fort Collins salon with conditioner! When washing, make sure to  handle the extensions gently and to not rub them vigorously.  Always be sure to rinse the extensions in cool water at the end  to lock in moisture.  When you are finished, carefully  squeeze any excess water from the extensions with a towel but make sure that you never vigorously rub your extensions  dry with a towel. NEVER SLEEP ON WET HAIR! This will cause them to tangle and mat

**A $500 Non-Refundable Retainer is required to reserve an appointment for Hand-Tied Hair Extension Installation**

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Send an email to the Studio( with the following:

  1. Your full name,

  2. Your contact number.

  3. Current photos of your hair front/side/back, and 

  4. (1-2) Photos of your inspiration (your desired end result/what you would like your hair to look like)

  • Once we receive your email with the above listed information and photos, we will contact you to schedule a phone consultation in which we will go over the entire process in detail and answer any final questions before booking your initial installation.